Why Was Jackie On The Trunk?

A revised version of the following article is available here:-


Whilst some cling to the belief that John and Jackie Kennedy were
happily married, John’s womanizing was tireless.  Perhaps this was
encouraged by the medication he took for Addison’s Disease.


Jackie was far from perfect herself, having spent much of October 1963
on the yacht of her future husband, the billionaire Aristotle Onassis.

Certainly, all was not well in “Camelot”, and my previous article looked
at the persuasive “Jackie Shot JFK” theory:-


Apart from the assassination itself, Jackie’s climb onto the trunk, is the
most memorable sequence of the Zapruder film.

Conveniently, Jackie said that she could not remember these moments.
Others have claimed that she was “recovering parts of John’s skull and

Do the Zapruder frames suggest a more plausible explanation?

Between frames 344 and 350, Jackie’s Secret Service bodyguard Clint
Hill, points out several areas of the trunk to Jackie:-

http://makeagif.com/i/Wd2c3j  Z344-Z354 Clint Hill pointing

The pointing is clear, but what Hill is pointing at, is hard to see. However,
in frame 345, Hill appears to point at a faint diagonal line on the trunk:-

Was this line one of several incriminating trails of blood, which indicated
that the real fatal bullet, entered John’s head from Jackie’s side of the car?

Supposedly, the fatal “Magic Bullet” from the Texas School Book Depository,
had come from the other side of the car, behind John.

Certainly, no substantial pieces of skull or brain are visible on the trunk.

The Zapruder film, shows both brain tissue and skull being blown out from
the front of John’s head. A bullet entering from the rear, from Jackie’s
position or the Book Depository, would have pushed brain and skull parts
forward, as shown.

Some claim that the forehead exit wound is fake. This is partly based on
the testimony of probable conspirators. An alleged “large rear exit wound”
appears in many frames, and seems to be a simple shadow.

http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig11/fetzer1.1.1.html  “Zapruder fakery”

After receiving Clint’s directions, Jackie climbs onto the trunk, and seems
to clean areas with her right gloved hand:-

Blood spatter patterns often help to solve murders. Any such patterns
on the trunk, where likely to be seen and photographed, on the way to
Parkland Memorial Hospital.


Hill’s pointing causes him difficulties, because it delays his attempts to
board the limousine, which accelerates soon after the assassination is
complete. Click on images to enlarge them:-

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNIXfiii_vo  Orville Nix film

Seconds earlier, during the assassination, gun smoke rose from Jackie’s
position, as did two bullets, at an angle only the perfectly positioned
Jackie could have achieved:-

http://makeagif.com/i/mrRlsV  Zapruder Frames Z310-Z320 (gif)

So, did Jackie lose her mind on 11/22, climb onto the trunk, and then forget
about her strange behaviour? Or, was she on the trunk to cover her bloody
tracks, so that she could move on to a billionaire lifestyle, as planned?

In light of all of the evidence for “Jackie Shot JFK”, I am forced to conclude
the later.

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Jackie Shot JFK QED

A revised/expanded version of the following article is available here:-


You may have heard the theory that “Jackie Shot JFK” on 11/22/1963.
Here is a good introduction:-


Certainly, gun smoke appears to rise and drift from Jackie’s position,
at exactly the moment when John received the fatal shot. Her arm also
rises to an appropriate angle at this time.

Some (gory/graphic) enhanced Zapruder frames, showing the above:-

http://makeagif.com/i/HnVbc0  Zapruder frames 310-320 gif

John’s head and body initially move forward and to the right, away
from Jackie, and then “back and to the left”, returning to Jackie
under gravity.

The massive visible head wound suggests an exiting bullet, as entry
wounds are normally much smaller.

The smoke, the movements of John’s head and body, and the apparent exit
wound, are all compatible with a shot fired from Jackie’s right arm/hand.
Bullets do not produce smoke, only the guns that fire them.

Furthermore, if you focus on the grass above John’s head, two bullets
appear to exit his head in the following southside (Orville Nix) images,
at an angle only Jackie could achieve:-

In the Zapruder images, Jackie’s arm moves substantially between frames
315 and 316. This occurs in the Nix images above also. JFK’s head is moving
away from Jackie due to the first bullet (frame Z313), and her arm would have
to follow it quickly to deliver a second shot.

A second lesser expulsion from John’s head, does seem to occur in frame Z317:-

Derringer twin barrel pistols fire two relatively slow bullets. They are
small and easily concealed, simple/reliable, and can kill at close range.
Twin barrels and two bullets means a minimal chance of failure.


If “six snipers” had been firing live bullets at JFK, they could have hit
anyone, including the probable assassination kingpin Lyndon Johnson,
who was in the car behind.


JFK is first seen choking in frame 225 of the Zapruder film, allegedly
due to being shot in the throat. However, many poisons can also cause
breathing difficulties.

The suggested administration of a choking/disabling nerve agent to JFK,
via a radio controlled device in his back-brace (first link), seems rather
high-tech and unreliable. Also, why hide such an invisible event, behind
the large road-sign, in the early Zapruder frames?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqzJQE8LYrQ Zapruder Zoomed Slow

Perhaps Texas Governor John Connally, sitting in front of John, simply
sprayed JFK with a chemical, once both were behind the road-sign.

A small spray bottle can be largely hidden in a man’s palm, and a fine
transparent mist would also be hard to see. JFK’s “neck wound” was
caused by a suspicious “tracheotomy” performed after death.

Before and after the fatal shot, Jackie may have hidden a gun under
the roses that were between her and JFK:-

Early in the journey,  John Connally was sitting next to Jackie, a
perfect opportunity for him to pass her a small Derringer type gun.
Jackie seems to be receiving instructions from Connally, in the build
up to the fatal shot.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqzJQE8LYrQ Zapruder Zoomed Slow

As for motive, Jackie may have hated her husband after his numerous
affairs, and/or she may have been a psychopath, who was happy to marry
and murder for money.  Approximately 5% of people are clear psychopaths,
with an extra 15% showing tendencies:-


Also, she had a Jewish mother (Lee/Levy), and may have been an
Israeli agent (first link). She may have even been a victim of the
MK Ultra mind control program, like RFK’s assassin Sirhan Sirhan.


In conclusion, we have a smoking gun, two bullets, several possible
motives, plus the logic of a clean and virtually certain kill. Only
“Jackie Shot JFK” fits all of the visual and general evidence. QED.

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Hello world!

Few people trust the establishment anymore, and with good reason:-




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